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We're moving things forward via complex business consulting for FMCG, maritime, chemical, automotive and furniture industries.


International Trade

We help companies win new foreign markets, boost revenue and increase the profitability.


B2B Cooperation

Looking for a manufacturer, distributor or subcontractor? We'll find a perfect business partner that suits Your needs.


Business Consulting

We'll help Yoou overcome obstacles - improve business processes, project management or marketing strategy.


Michał Duda PhD

Since 2008 he has been manufacturing chemical and cosmetic products. He has many years of experience in international trade, especially in the chemical, liquid fuels, furniture and FMCG industries. He has a wide network of business contacts in the Middle East (Iran, Iraq), South America and the Baltic States. Author of over a dozen books and scientific articles in the field of history, diplomacy and economics. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg.


Paweł Gniewkowski

Experienced manager, combining IT backgroung with sales and marketing skills. Interested in almost all aspects of running a business, he specializes in B2B sales, cooperation with retail chains and establishing business contacts. He developed IT systems for the automotive, maritime and furniture industries. In the past, sales and marketing director at Uniteam, Lupus Furniture Factory and head of business development at TVO (Cyfrowy Polsat Group).

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